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Why Kids Debit Cards Are Better (and Cleaner) Than Cash For Your Child’s Pocket MoneyPocket Money: Give Your Kids A Cleaner Option Than CashWith the recent changes in the world, we as parents are constantly making family lifestyle adjustments. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety are in the forefront of our decisions, ensuring […]

What kind of pocket money parent are you?

How do you feel about talking to your kids about money? Are you relaxed and comfortable about pocket money conversations? Or do you avoid the topic and hope they’ll forget about it – or at least leave it for another day?

How to set chores for your kids

If you’re one of the countless parents trying to juggle work and parenting, we hear you! Keeping kids occupied, the house in order while meeting work deadlines is no easy feat. Setting chores for your kids can help lighten the load. You might find that your kids actually like to be involved.

Three fun rules for teaching kids how not to spend

Kids want what their friends have, and they want it now, or at least sometime soon. So how can parents teach children ‘not to buy’ or at least look for a bargain, wait before buying, and get the best deal, rather than succumb to impulse buying?

Dollars make sense - Money management made easy for kids

Financial literacy is an important life skill for children to learn early on.

Future-proofing their money management and giving them the skills to avoid financial problems when they take charge of their earnings and spending is very important.

How to give your child a good savings education with ZAAP

Life experience, teachers or parents – what really makes a difference when children are learning about managing money?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has and will continue to have a significant financial effect on Australian families.

How do you teach kids how to manage money?

It is almost comical to think of a time where cash was the primary payment method. Imagine managing your entire family’s finances with no access to internet banking, savings trackers, or money management apps.

Why Parents Should Never Lend Kids Their Credit Cards

With modern society increasingly turning cashless, internet purchases have never been more easily accessible and instantaneous. Especially for children.

Handing over your credit card to your child not only has financial risks.

Top 5 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Saving Money

With the use of apps and online financial platforms making it easier to transfer funds or pay bills, children have less opportunity to physically see how money is managed, spent and most importantly saved.

How to give your child pocket money - Advice from a parent of two.

Dealing with the issue of pocket money can be tricky for any parent. There are no hard and fast rules. As a parent of 10 year old twins who constantly crave for more independence, reaching a compromise on pocket money hasn’t been easy. Kids can be shrewd negotiators!

Give kids what they want for Christmas with the ZAAP app

If children could buy their own Christmas gifts, what would they buy?

Check out the latest toy predicted to top the gift list for the under-12s. Boppi, The Booty Shakin’ Llama is a fun robotic toy that dances to three catchy tunes.

Dear parents, are you tired of being a human ATM?

Our entire system of monetary transactions has evolved; we hardly ever handle money in cash, except when we organise our children’s pocket money. We are forced to take a step out of our everyday cashless society, and back into the dated culture of notes and coins.

Grandparent guide to gifts that last longer than Christmas Day

The special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren starts looking exceptional when planning for Christmas. Those wish lists always include the latest fad enthusiastically talked about, hoping that if mum and dad say ‘no’, grandparents will tune into the request.

Making Pocket Money Easier

My 9-year-old was carrying $48 in her wallet. Cash. She’s been saving well for some time, and the cash has accumulated. Her plan was to walk to the shops with her big sister to buy a treat.

Save or spend? Pocket money goes digital with ZAAP

Save or spend? That’s the question talked about in families when the subject is pocket money. Three out of four Australian children are given pocket money and it’s no surprise that their parents like to encourage them to save rather than spend.

Manage your kid’s money with the ZAAP app

Life experience, teachers or parents – what really makes a difference when children are learning about managing money?

Families are key to money skills

Families are key to learning financial literacy, according to a 2018 survey of young people in 15 countries including Australia.

Teaching kids to manage money in 7 easy steps

How can we teach children to be financially literate? And is it really necessary?

Starting young is recommended so children understand how money works and how they can make it work for them, even when their income is just a few dollars of pocket money.

Pocket money makes the digital switch from cash to card

How do you teach children the value of money in an increasingly complex, cashless society?

Credit and prepaid cards, wearable payment devices, tap and go technology, online shopping and internet banking have gradually removed the visibility of notes and coins.