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Getting Started with ZAAP for Parents

Getting Started with ZAAP for Parents


Download the ZAAP App from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Login to ZAAP

Login as Parent with your email and password you set when you purchased ZAAP.

Note: You only need to use this once.


3. Create your PIN, ZAAP passcode and Touch ID

Set a new passcode and/or touch ID which will be your main login to the ZAAP app.

4. Load Parent Wallet

Click on Parent Wallet and set the initial load amount or arrange recurring transfers from your nominated Card.
Please note: The funds can take up to one hour to clear.

5. Activate Child’s ZAAP

Click on the Activate button. Repeat process if you have purchased ZAAP for multiple children.

6. Setting up Child’s ZAAP

1. Click on your child's name e.g. Jane.
2. Click on the Settings icon in top right corner.
3. Set child’s PIN for purchases greater than $199.
4. Select Get Child Passcode for App. Record this passcode. Your child will need this code to log into the App. This one-time passcode will expire in 24 hours, however you can always reset it again at any time.

7. First transfers to children

1. Click on your child's name
2. Click on the $ sign
3. You can transfer a one-off payment or set regular payments

Getting Started for Parents is now complete