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Why Kids Debit Cards Are Better (and Cleaner) Than Cash For Your Child’s Pocket Money

Pocket Money: Give Your Kids A Cleaner Option Than Cash

With the recent changes in the world, we as parents are constantly making family lifestyle adjustments. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety are in the forefront of our decisions, ensuring our kids are protected and practising social and physical distancing. It’s not easy and there’s a lot to think about. However, it is possible to keep our kids safe and still give them some much needed space.

Getting Back Out

With venues such as cinemas, video game arcades and indoor play centres slowly reopening, kids are busting to have some fun and enjoy their freedom again. After many months of being stuck at home, I know that my twin boys have missed their playdates with friends and generally being free to roam like they did before.

From school to hanging out with friends, how kids pay for their lunches from the canteen or the popcorn at the movies, a cleaner alternative than cash is important.

The ZAAP App allows parents to conveniently give kids pocket money electronically. It’s instant and easy without having to hand over or pass a single dollar note or coin. No need for kids to keep cash or be in the fear of losing it.


Why Are Shops No Longer Accepting Physical Cash?

To keep their employees safe and adhering to social distancing measures, merchants are making a significant shift to card payments, avoiding touching and handling of cash wherever possible.

Supermarket chain Woolworths has recently selected a number of their Metro stores to only accept cashless payments. Popular indoor trampoline park SkyZone, has also recently become a cashless venue. Large retail chains such as JB-HiFi still accept cash but customers are encouraged to pay with credit, debit or gift cards wherever possible.

In the 2019 Consumer Payments Survey released in March, the Reserve Bank discovered that when it came to paying for goods and services, only one in four were cash transactions. Only 13 years ago, the trend was the complete opposite.

90% of transactions in Australia are now Tap and Go, making it the largest user of contactless payments in the world. Whether Australia will become a completely cashless society is yet to be seen. However, all current trends show the evident decline of cash transactions.


Tap and Go: The new norm for contactless payments going forward

With Tap and Go functionality, ZAAP allows your children to spend their pocket money in line with the contactless payment. Whether it’s paying for their Friday lunch treat at the canteen or a new game for their Nintendo Switch, ZAAP provides cleaner payments – no need to touch surfaces or handle money.


How Can My Kids Go Cashless Whilst Keeping Safe?

Giving kids a cashless option is not only staying on trend but also gives parents a sense of ease, whether they’re at school, with friends or playing club sport.

Parents simply need to ensure their children’s ZAAP account is loaded, helping them stick to cleaner payment options.

With ZAAP:

  • There’s no need to stress about your child losing or misplacing cash.
  • You can track and monitor your children’s Tap and Go transactions, keeping a close eye on their spending.
  • There’s no more worry about your child overspending as you can set the limit. Children can’t spend more than what is loaded on the card.
  • The Wearable Band makes payment swift and simple.
  • Children can also use the Keeper and attach it to their watch or FitBit.


Where Can My Child Use Their ZAAP Debit Card or Wristband?

Concerned about where your kids will use ZAAP? We’ve got it covered. We have reduced the risk of purchases your children make that haven’t been parent approved. ZAAP blocks kids from purchasing alcohol or using adult, gaming and dating sites. To further support parent control, kids do not have ATM access.


How Can I Send My Child Funds In An Emergency?

Did your child miss the last bus to get home? No money left to buy some lunch after movies with friends? Rescuing your children from sticky situations can be a constant dilemma.

Parents simply need to ensure there’s adequate funds in the Parent Wallet where they can readily transfer funds to their child’s account. Safer than cash and convenient for emergencies, ZAAP is the perfect family solution.


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