ZAAP Payment Devices

Payable upon purchasing, replacing if lost or stolen and renewal upon expiry (every 3 years).

Generic card fee$9.95
Personalised card, card fee$20.00
ZAAP Wearable fee$20.00

Fully ZAAPed Bundle

Generic card and wearable
Personalised card and wearable



Other Fees
Monthly account fee. Per child account.$2.00
Reload fee on debit or credit card transfers to your Parent Wallet1.5% of load value
Card or account closure.$10.00
Monthly inactivity fee (only if your account is not used for 90 consecutive days).$2.00
Foreign exchange fee. Only if your payment device is used for purchases in any currency other than Australian dollars or purchases with any merchant located outside Australia.3% of the Australian dollar amount of the transaction