Our site is currently being updated. We’ll be back online soon. Existing ZAAP cardholders can still log into their ZAAP accounts.


Step 1

Order your ZAAP Card and/or Band

Select whether you want a card only, a ZAAP Band only or get FULLY ZAAPed and get both.

ZAAP Cards

ZAAP Cards can be used for online purchases or at any store in the world that accepts Mastercard prepaid cards.

ZAAP Bands and Keepers

ZAAP Bands and Keepers can be used instore, anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard prepaid cards.

Easy Tap & Pay

To use your ZAAP Card or ZAAP Band instore, simply use the convenience of ‘Tap & Pay’. You will need to enter your PIN for purchases over $199.

Step 2

Receive your ZAAP order

Your ZAAP card and/or ZAAP Band will be created and sent to you within 3 business days. Please allow standard Australian Post delivery times to your destination.

Step 3

Download App and activate

You can find the ZAAP App on the App Store or Google Play. ZAAP account can be activated via the App.

Step 4

Set up pocket money & enjoy

Once your account is set up, you can instantly transfer money from parent to child or set up regular pocket money payments.