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Grandparent guide to gifts that last longer than Christmas Day

The special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren starts looking exceptional when planning for Christmas. Those wish lists always include the latest fad enthusiastically talked about, hoping that if mum and dad say ‘no’, grandparents will tune into the request.

Ask the grandchildren what their favourite things are right now, and they’ll likely include Frozen, The Lion King, Dora the Explorer, Playmobil and even Star Wars.

Do something different this Christmas! Get creative and try these innovative ideas for grandparent giving that will be appreciated long after Christmas Day, whatever the age of your grandchildren.

  1. Pocket money is the gift of independence

Top of the list is the gift of money because it means children can make their own decisions about what to buy for themselves. Giving children the freedom to choose their own gift is a great way to acknowledge their growing independence.

Talk to your family about setting up a pocket money account for the grandchildren. ZAAP, the new pocket money app is the perfect solution to gift giving for children. If you want to provide a set amount of pocket money each week, you can do it automatically with ZAAP^.

Whether you are in different state, city or in the next suburb, your grandchildren will be delighted to know that they will receive pocket money from you each week (or at regular intervals). It’s easy to set it up and you can vary the amount if their needs change in the future, or for their birthday or other special occasion.

ZAAP is a great way to teach children money management, so even if you don’t see your grandchildren as often as you would like, their pocket money app will remind them of you.

  1. Time is a grandparent’s special gift

Everyone says the best gift is your time, so make yourself available to spend some time with the grandchildren.

Take them on an outing during the school holidays. Buy a gift voucher or gift card, write the invitation on a special card, put it in a box and wrap it up for under the Christmas tree.

The possibilities are endless during the summer months and fun excursions can be low cost:

  • Beach picnic
  • Movies
  • Theme park
  • Zoo (or petting zoo for the younger children)
  • Fishing trip
  • Bushwalk
  • Adventure playground
  • Sleepover or camping trip.
  1. Grandchildren are the stars of their own gifts!

Children love seeing themselves in photos and videos. Check your smartphone for all the photos you have taken of the children during the year and make them a personalised gift.

Go online to create an individual photo book^^ or choose to print the photos on a special gift so they can see their own photo every day. You can find a wide range of gifts that can be printed with photos. In addition to the traditional framed photo or canvas print, you can choose calendars, mugs, cushions, keyrings, fridge magnets, puzzles, games and even photo snow globes to feature the favourite images of your family.

  1. Make a special story all about the child

Personalised story books make a great gift for younger children and they are easy to set up. Already designed with a popular story, by adding the child’s name, the adventure becomes their own.

Or be creative and design your own story – make it all about them! Then  find some time to read it to them over the holidays.

  1. Your story is your legacy

Every family has a unique heritage. Tell your family’s story in a video diary or create a photo album online.  Design your own memento with a handmade scrapbook album.

Reminisce by browsing through your old photo albums and make copies of the best of them for your own personalised family narrative. Include copies of awards and certificates, photos and memorabilia of special occasions to make it a lasting legacy.

The whole family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  1. Education is a gift for the future

Help make a bright future for your grandchildren. Set up an education fund for them that will mature in the future when the money is needed most for music lessons or their own special-interest activities.

With a little thought and creativity you can avoid overindulging with the latest fad and make a gift that truly celebrates your love for your grandchildren and lasts well beyond the festive season.

You’ll have a happy family on Christmas morning!


^For more information about the ZAAP pocket money app, go to https://zaap.com.au/.