ZAAP is loved by children and parents for the amazing benefits it provides.

Plant the financial seed

  • Convenient. Parents can transfer funds to the card at any time or on a set and forget basis.
  • No need for kids to borrow a parent’s card to make a purchase online.
  • Lessens the risk of anything being purchased that is not approved by parents. 
  • Parents know where and how much your child is spending.
  • Much safer than carrying cash.
  • Your child can only spend what is loaded on the Card.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child can always get transport home.
  • Teaches your child financial responsibility and money management skills.

Take control of your money

  • Learn to be financially responsible.
  • Build good money habits.
  • Safe and secure way to handle money - more secure than cash and credit cards.
  • Ultimate advantage - 37 million outlets worldwide and online; Tap & Pay.
  • Can’t get into debt. Can only spend what is on the Card.

For schools

  • Teaches kids about saving and spending in the digital age.
  • Parental controls make it a safe and secure way for children to use money for the first time.
  • Schools can become cashless with ZAAP, making payments more secure and streamlined, while building students' financial confidence and independence.
  • Cards can be branded with school colours and emblem.
  • Leverage ZAAP to earn funds for your school that can be used towards student resources.
  • The ZAAP Band's wearable technology makes children's everyday purchases convenient and hassle free.