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Safer and more convenient than cash. Can be used anywhere. Instantly transfer money from parent to child.

A prepaid Mastercard Pocket Money tool for children

  • Designed to help tweens and teens learn good money habits with increased independence.
  • Parent wallet from which parents transfer funds to their child’s ZAAP Account.
  • Choose between a Card, a wearable ZAAP Band or get both linked to the one account.
  • Select your card from our range or children can create a card with their own design.
  • App supported with parent and child portals. Parents retain control. Children can see their account balance, transaction history and set savings goals.

Convenient for Parents.
Secure for Kids.

ZAAP Bands and Cards - universal acceptance

ZAAP can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard – in store and online.

More secure than cash

Parents can transfer funds to the Card at any time or set up regular pocket money payments. 

Reduces the risk of theft as your Card and ZAAP Band are PIN protected.

Emergency use

Your child will always have money for food or transport home if required.

Online shopping just got a whole lot easier!

No need to borrow a parent’s card to make a purchase online.

Digital Pocket Money

ZAAP it your way!

1. Buy ZAAP Card

and/or Band.

Select whether you want a Card only, a ZAAP Band only or get FULLY ZAAPed and get both.

2. Your ZAAP order will be sent to you.

Your ZAAP will be sent to you within 3 business days. Please allow standard Australian Post delivery times to your destination.

3. Simply download ZAAP App and activate.

You can find the ZAAP App on the App Store or Google Play. Your ZAAP account can be activated via the App.

4. Set up Pocket Money & enjoy.

Instantly transfer money from parent to child or set up regular pocket money payments.

5. Use anywhere.

ZAAP Cards can be used anywhere in the world or online that accepts Mastercard. ZAAP Bands can be used anywhere over the counter that accepts Mastercard.


Make it truly yours - design your own Card.

Unique to ZAAP, upload a selfie or favourite image to create your ZAAP Card.

We have a great range of Cards to choose from.

Select from our exciting range of card designs. Over 50 to choose from.

ZAAP Bands are convenient.

ZAAP is the only wearable of its kind available for children. Plus, it comes with the Keeper for the ultimate convenience. You can attach to existing watch or fitness band. Always have your money with you, no need to carry a wallet. Plus, you can Tap & Pay. So easy!

Your whole school can Get ZAAPed.

Get your whole school on board by getting ZAAP in your school design and colours. You can also raise money for your school.

Faster transfer times.

Optimal peace of mind with instant transfer from parent to child accounts.

No annual fees.

Unlike most credit and debit cards, there are no annual fees.

3 Year validity.

ZAAP lasts for 3 years from the date you purchase it. You are automatically sent a new ZAAP card and ZAAP band (if you choose one). Your balance and transaction history carry over to your new ZAAP!

Leading edge digital tool.

ZAAP is the leading-edge digital pocket money tool. It’s easy to use and you can set savings goals for the things you really want!

Better than cash


ZAAP is safer than cash which can easily be lost or stolen. Unlike cash, ZAAP gives parents full visibility of where their child is spending.

Better than a Debit Card or Savings Account

ZAAP is lower cost and can be used online. With no application required, ZAAP is much easier to get than a debit card.

Better than lending a parent’s Credit Card

ZAAP is prepaid which means funds are limited to what is loaded onto the card. No need to worry about your child accidentally over-spending on your card.

Peace of Mind


Merchant blocking at liquor shops, pubs, taverns, gambling and dating services. No cash withdrawals at ATMs gives parents full visibility to spend.


Let us know whether you would like to get a ZAAP Card, a ZAAP
 Band, or get Fully ZAAPed and get both.

ZAAP Cards

You can choose from our gallery or

upload your chosen image to design

your own.

ZAAP Bands and Keeper

ZAAP Band comes with a Keeper

you can attach to your watch

or fitness band.