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How ZAAP can empower people with disabilities and give peace of mind to their carers. 

How ZAAP can empower people with disabilities and give peace of mind to their carers. 

When caring for a loved one or family member with a disability, ensuring they have sufficient funds at all times can be a concern. Plus, having visibility of their spending and account balance in order to know when to send them funds can be challenging. 


ZAAP is helping carers meet this challenge as they can transfer funds instantly, as well as having complete visibility of their dependents spending within one app. ZAAP Mastercard helps empower individuals with disabilities, and gives carers peace of mind. 



Case Study: How ZAAP Empowered Todd 


Claire, the legal guardian and financial administrator of her 39-year-old disabled brother Todd, approached ZAAP when she was looking for a savings card for her brother which gave her visibility of his spending. 


Todd is supported by the NDIS scheme and lives in SIL accommodation (supported independent living), however as he attends a number of community group outings with a support worker, he often needs money for things like taxi’s, lunch, entry tickets etc.  


As Claire and her brother live in different states, when she provided physical cash or bank transfers to her brother, she found it challenging not being able to have visibility of where he spends it or when he spends it.  


The solution 

Claire stumbled across ZAAP when looking for a savings card for family members that have a disability. ZAAP met the needs she had such as: 

  • Being able to transfer money fast to her brother when he needed it 
  • Having complete transparency of his transactions  
  • Having visibility of his account balance, allowing her to transfer money when funds were low 
  • Todd being able to pay by wearing the tap and pay ZAAP wristband. Her brother is in a wheelchair, so the ZAAP wearable was extremely convenient for him. 



Quote Todd 

‘I love my sister, she is amazing. She is always worried about me being left short of money and doesn’t want me missing out on anything. I like going out with my friends, but sometimes I forget to tell her and I don’t have enough money to go.’ 


Quote Carer 

‘I've been looking for something like ZAAP for months. I couldn’t find anything else in the market where you could essentially “wear your card and tap and pay”, as opposed to pulling your wallet or phone out of your pocket. Todd has limited movement with his right arm, so the ZAAP wristband is perfect for him being in a wheelchair and him being the social butterfly that he is, he is always out and about. It's great. I have complete transparency on when and where he is spending it.’ 


How ZAAP works  

ZAAP is a prepaid card which comes in the form of a card and / or tap-and-go wristband. The prepaid card is supported by the ZAAP app, which allows carers to easily transfer funds to your dependent.  


Carers have full visibility of their dependents' transactions and how much they have in their account through the ZAAP app, allowing carers to ensure they always have funds in the case of an emergency. Plus, with merchant blocking in place, the cardholder cannot use their ZAAP in liquor retailers, gambling, dating services etc, giving you peace of mind. 


Setting up ZAAP 

ZAAP can be set up by the carer in just a few minutes. Unlike bank accounts, there is no 100-point check. The account can be set up in the carer’s details and delivered straight to your house.