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Best Christmas Gifts For Your Teenage Son in 2020

A teenage boy holding a Christmas present

Christmas is creeping up on us! Are you struggling with what to buy your teenage son? I’m sure you will agree that teenagers can be fickle. One minute they’re obsessed with the latest fad. In an instant turnaround, it’s no longer deemed ‘cool’.

Never fear, we’re here to help you get it right! Whether your young man is sporty, artistic or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best Christmas gifts for your teenage son.

Action Camera

If your son is into extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or mountain biking, give him the opportunity to capture his tricks and stunts on video!

Modern technology has seen ground-breaking development for the action camera. The accessories that either come with the camera or bought separately allow the camera to be placed pretty much anywhere. Whether that be on top of a helmet or on the edge of a surfboard, anything and everything can now be recorded. Like they say these days, “If it’s not on video, did it even happen?”

Retro Handheld Console

Why not give your avid gamer a taste of what your own childhood was like? While the imagery and technology of the latest games and consoles are mind-blowing, there’s nothing like the classics:  Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Tetris.

Retro handheld consoles make a great Christmas gift because you can give your children an insight to what was cool “back in your day.” We can guarantee there will be hours of laughter and fun. Most of all, it’s a great way for you to reconnect with your children.

Electric Guitar

Is your son the next Jimmy Hendrix? Eddie Van Halen? As much as you’re dreading the noisy jamming sessions (remember, there’s always headphones!), maybe your son is busting to learn a few riffs and electric guitar licks.

Don’t forget with every good electric guitar, you will need a sturdy amplifier. Now go and get him that much wanted six-string. Just buy some ear plugs for you too.

Animal Encounter Experience

Who doesn’t love animals? Why not give your teenage son a wildlife experience where he can get close and personal with his favourite creature?

Zoos and animal parks offer animal encounters for tigers, reptiles, penguins and of course, the cuddly cute koala. What a great way to pique your son’s interest in animal conservation and environmental issues.

Online Anime Art Class

Pokemon. Dragon Ball. Naruto. If you’re familiar with these names then you most likely have a budding anime artist in your midst. With its cleverly created hand-drawn, computer-generated characters and unique story lines, Japanese Anime has become a pop culture phenomenon amongst teenagers.

If you can’t get to Japan to see some real anime artists in action, why not sign your teenager to an online anime art class? Your child can learn tips and tricks that will help develop their artistic talents above and beyond expectations.

ZAAP: The gift that keeps on giving

Is your son still tossing and turning with what they want for Christmas? Giving your son a ZAAP will answer all your problems! With ZAAP pocket money card and supporting app, you can top-up his ZAAP account with a special Christmas fund which he can use when he’s finally made up his mind.

As a leading edge financial and digital tool for kids, not only will you be allowing him to buy what he really wants, but you’ll also be helping his journey in building good money habits in a digital world.  

For parents, the ZAAP gives full visibility of how your son is spending his funds within the app whilst giving him increased financial responsibility. Plus, for a limited time only you can order your son’s ZAAP for FREE. Choose from the range of 50 card designs.

About the Author:

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Graduating from the Australian National University, Grace spent 10 years working with
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On returning to Australia, she then carved out a successful career in financial services, IT
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