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Getting Started with ZAAP for Kids

Getting Started with ZAAP for Kids

Talk to your parents about how to use the ZAAP App and have them with you when you are first setting up. You will need their help to get started!


Download the ZAAP App from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. Login to ZAAP

Login to the Kids' zone, then enter the passcode that was issued to your parent for you during Parent Setup. Also enter your parent’s first name.
Note: You only need to do this once.

3. Create your PIN, ZAAP Passcode and Touch ID

Set your permanent passcode and/or touch ID which will be used to login to your ZAAP App. Set your PIN for purchases over $199.

4. Set your savings goals

What would you like to save for? Talk to your parents about your goal

5. Transfer money

Make a one-off transfer to your savings account

6. Set regular transfer

Set regular transfers to your savings account